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I got scamed by is a true Scam.They changed web pages every month and post items (same items and prices) on craigs list to get you to goto their web page. appears to be the same thing. The web page looks very similiar and they want you to pay by using Money Pak. Which is a ligit company but there is no way of getting your money back and has no security in purchases. I would be VERY leary in purchasing from this company.

visit and judge for yourself.....and look up compalints for, and issues, same way of paying, same payment...just different web pages.

Review about: Sporting Goods.



I almost got sucked in till I googled and found out what a scam they are.The BBB is all over this scam.

They troll for victims on Craigslist. If you email them, they respond and direct you to their very slick, but total scam website. Their prices are ridiculously low...

So low the manufacturers would love to buy their own products this cheap!Hey if it seems to good to be true, it usually is...


wish i would have seen this before i was taken. no response after they took money.


I got suckered too...should have known better with those prices


It's not a scam...i did recive my Bowflex....thx


Sport goods is at it again trying to sell honda generators at not believable prices.

They have active ads on Craigslist in OR. and WA. as of 2 days ago.

The name this time "Marti Gifford".

Always ask for the addresses..always!



They are posting items for sale on Craigslist, then re-directing you to their website.No Visa accepted = scam time.

Plus no one to talk to, only email response.The prices are very tempting, but don't get suckered in.

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